Pheasant Feather Arrangements and Picture Frames

  Birch Canoe
Deer Antler with pheasant  tail feathers
Deer antler with turkey feathers
Oak arrangement with figurine

I make several different types of arrangements.  All arrangements are created on a base of solid oak that is hand picked while walking in our pastures in Ponca Valley.  Because of this, each arrangement is unique to the size and shape of the oak pieces we find.  We create arrangements using a combination of deer antlers with an oak base, and arrangements using only the beauty of the oak base.  Each arrangement is then created using pheasant tail feathers, pheasant feather flowers and natural accents.  We also can use small birdhouses, or other decorative items to make your arrangement fit to your taste.  No two arrangements will be identical.  Each one is unique.

Another option for the hunter in your family, is to send us your own antlers, or feathers from pheasants, turkeys ect.  to keep the memories of the "BIG hunt alive.

Picture Frames


All picture frames are created  using clear 4 x 6 frame and natural wood base.  They are approximately 9- 12 in. tall, and 10 in. long.  They are created using your choice of barb wire, pheasant feathers, deer antlers, or natural decorations.  All frames also are decorated with my one of a kind handcrafted pheasant feather flowers.

barb wire wreath pheasant feather arrangements pheasant feather ornament balls


Pheasant Balls Windmills and Wheat Rings


Cowboy Boot

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